Accelerated Light Shadow Program

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Welcome To The Playshop To Heal, Honor, & Integrate The Light & Shadow Living Within Your Cells, Chakras, & DNA. 

I’ve created this series to illuminate & heal your shadow side so you can be free of those skeletons in your closet & live an authentic & rewarding life…so you can be all that you were born to be! 

Once you face your fears, doubts, judgments & beliefs about your true nature, you can drop false masks, identities & roles you’ve played so you can just be you, get your energy back & create the life of your dreams! 

If you feel exhausted, drained & depleted, it could be because the burden & pain of hiding has become unbearable. When we face our demons, we realize they (us) are not so scary at all. In fact, we can be-friend the parts of ourselves we’ve internalized & harmonize our divine feminine & masculine aspects so we can feel whole and at peace. 

We can unmask those precious parts of ourselves which has or might destroy our relationships, diminish our spirit, and prevents us from fulfilling our dreams. 

Yes, this is possible & it can happen at accelerated speed with ease & grace! 

This course takes courage as you begin to play, move & dance with your shadow to experience a sense of release & relief at no longer needing to hide your beauty, wisdom, & special gifts. 

When we illuminate our shadow, we can gradually come to accept, own & merge all of our individual parts as one unified field existing in the heart of creation. 

When we are back in balance with our inner most selves, each other and the planet – the sacred union of energies is restored & we can transform & improve our health, relationships, & energy flows. 

When you face your shadow, you can then begin the process of transmuting your deepest fears, shames, regrets, judgments, core beliefs, contracts/vows, promises and agreements you’ve made with yourself and others. 

Healing and embracing your Shadow can help you unlock buried feelings that never die until they are brought to the light. 

The goal of working with the shadow is to integrate and accept all that we have attempted to hide or run from slowly restoring self-love and compassion for our wounded aspects that we’ve suppressed & hidden to feel safe in this world. 

Over the course of our 5-week soul healing journey, you will experience shadow illumination transmissions and liquid light infusions to release ancient core wounds & claim your joy & remember you are whole & complete just as you are! 

Some of these energetic transmissions & processes include: 

  1. Exploring your negative patterns and look for those deep-rooted reasons for these patterns.
  2. Acknowledging the challenges & adversities you’ve experienced as a gift & messenger to embrace shadow aspects of yourself.
  3. Speaking with your higher self, spirit and/or spiritual guides to reveal those aspects that affect your life that you are not seeing, ignoring or resisting.
  4. Focusing on your Shadow rather than what needs to be changed in the world or in others. Our shadow side contains those dark aspects that we believe are unacceptable to our family, friends, and most importantly to ourselves.

Since the dark side is suppressed deep within our unconsciousness, it is hidden from ourselves and others. The messages we tell ourselves from this hidden space sound like “there is something wrong with me. I’m not okay. I’m not lovable. I’m not deserving. I’m not worthy & I’m not enough.” 

These are all gigantic lies that limit us & diminish our light. 

Once we allow these lies to surface, we can embody our highest soul truth & never have to hide to feel safe ever again! 

It will run powerful crystalline light codes to clear & release long held false beliefs & false persons so you can love and accept yourself unconditionally from the space of neutrality & non-judgement. Our suppressed hidden feelings are desperate to be integrated into ourselves & are only harmful when they are repressed. When we hold on to & hide them from others, they can create unconscious patterns of self-sabotage limiting the depths of joy, ease & grace that is our divine birthright & spiritual inheritance. 

Your life can be transformed when you make peace with, honor & acknowledge your shadow. 

In time, you may also learn to love its presence so it can integrate deep into the core of your being and set you free from past judgments & the voices of our inner most & harshest critics. 

When you begin to accept your shadow aspects & divine feminine/masculine wounds, you can accelerate your inner & outer transformation. 

You will no longer have to: 

– Pretend to be someone you’re not 

– Prove you’re good enough 

– Resist who you are 

– Judge your thoughts, feelings, actions or in-actions 

– Over-react & act out in your relationship dynamics 

– Live in a perpetual state of fear 

You can experience the unlimited freedom to shift & reset your entire reality! 

In this soul healing exploration, we will uncover the part of our unconscious mind known as the persona (our social masks) that strives to be liked & approved of, as well as cast our shadow self archetype of wildness, chaos & the unknown that contains our greatest creation energy. 

During our Shadow Illumination Exploration, you will learn how to use multi-dimensional tools, techniques, & ascension codes to love, accept & honor the light & the shadow living on in your cells, chakras & DNA. 

Unless you consciously & intentionally honor your Shadow, you’ll begin to find that your shadow can limit your capacity to feel joy & diminish your creative spark creating unfulfilled wishes & unrealized dreams. 

Accelerated light shadow work illuminates what desires to be set free by: 

– Identifying and healing your core wounds 

– Healing unresolved anger, fear, shame, guilt and other difficult emotions 

– Understanding how your shadow influences those around you, often beyond conscious awareness 

Each class contains guided practices, meditations and exercises for developing more authenticity and wholeness in your relationships, your sexuality and your spiritual path. 

Here is a checklist of some additional benefits of shadow work. 

– Becoming intimate with your shadow 

– Forgiving energies of shame and guilt 

– Ending your suffering by entering your pain 

– Exploring the presence of your past 

– Freeing yourself from your inner critic 

– Working with fear, anger, shame and other darker emotions 

This package includes 5 Classes (MP3)