Seeing With Your Second Sight Clairvoyant Vision

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Listen to this accelerated light illumination infusion to dissolve & melt veils, walls & blind spots to see through illusion & witness your life from a higher perspective.
Lean in, lie back & listen for the loving presence of the divine doctors & spirit who work through Vandanas Voice healing, harmonizing & restoring  your physical & spirit eyes to 5D crystal clear vision.
This healing track infuses your eyes with holy light, source energy & reiki love so that you may feel worthy & deserving of being seen, loved & appreciated exactly as you are.
For best results, play this eye sight restoration activation on a loop or on a low volume through the night to release unconscious blocks, stuck points & ancestral trauma held in your 3rd, 4th & 5th eye centers.
Listen once or as often as needed.
45 minutes