Sahasrara Crown Chakra Detox


Greetings Cosmic Conscious Creatrix,

I’m excited to invite you to experience a cosmic mind attunement to invite your brilliant mind back home & reunite with the wisdom contained in every cell of your body.

Join me in a safe & supportive sacred space to stop living in your head & start living in your purple white courageous crystalline heart in the Temple Of Freedom, Transformation & Liberation on an Inner Visualization Journey to connect to the mind of the 7 sisters of Pleiades to regulate, recalibrate & re-set your nervous system so you can sleep better & embody your natural state of blissful divine consciousness.

When your Sahasrara Crown Center is healthy, spacious & open, it’s easier to connect to the mind of the creator no longer needing to fight, freeze, flee or store auto pilot programs and looping systems and negative habits that make you only feel safe when living in your head.

But when your “thousand petaled”lotus flower Sahasrara Center is underactive, overactive or blocked, your higher mind lives on overtime and you experience ruminating thoughts, a lack of focus, frequent headaches, confusion & chronic worry or anxiety & the spell of feeling separate from universal blessings and good fortune.

I’m excited to invite you to a Crown Opening Initiation to clear away dense debris, mental habits, corded contracts & over-intellectualizing that won’t allow you to heal your feelings or trust your divine intuition with the Nusta Goddess TOMASA Huaman Tikla to connect you with your Higher Self, The White Raven Totem to heal Magical thinking, Archangel Raphael To Clear The Illusion Of Separation Unwind Cellular Memory Imprints Of Guild & Restore Your Enlightened Mind Of Innocence, Openness & Wisdom.

As your Sahasrara Chakra Detox Facilitator, I invite you to expand your perceptions, clear your limbic brain that makes you think that everything you experience is a threat, attack or danger & dissolve bouts with brain fog that won’t allow you to trust, have faith, become more present & align with the mutli-dimensional mind of creator.

When you say yes, you’ll learn simple tools, techniques & processes to awaken your higher mind with mantras, mudras, which foods to eat, crystals to practice mindfulness meditation with & exercises that entrain your brain to move from a busy beta to a slower, peaceful & relaxed state of theta presence to help you calm & quiet the voices in your head and experience peace, bliss & the state of open minded emptiness.

Please bring a journal, a candle & clear quartz crystal to see through filters of heavy energy that drain & leak your life force energy & receive seeds of light to heal mental imbalance, a frazzled & peaked nervous system & get you through sleepless nights, a spiritual crises or your higher brains sudden awakening.

This Crown Chakra Detox Process Is Perfect For You If You Struggle With:

  • Closed Mindedness
  • Memory Loss
  • Learning Problems
  • Insomnia & Mental Restlessness
  • Hypervigilant Nervous System
  • Always Living In Your Head
  • Magical Or Black & White Thinking
  • Mind Fog, Confusion Or Mental Overwhelm


This Class Is Perfect For You If You’d Like To Be Able To:

  • Trust Your Higher Brains Insights, Guidance & Clear Perceptions
  • Connect With Your Cosmic Mind & The Divine Mind Of Creator
  • Think Outside The Box With An Open Beginners Creative Mind
  • Unlock 7 Energetic Seals That Block Conscious Expansion
  • Heal Your Relationship With The Comic Mind Of The Universe
  • Clear Junk Files & Mental Clutter In Your Survival Brain & Limbic System
  • Reprogram Your Busy Brain To Experience Whole Brain Integration
  • Experience Peaceful Thoughts, Mindful Presence & Clear Thinking


Come play with me & meet your sahasrara crown chakra angels, animals & nature spirit goddess of the mountains of liberation & slip into the gap between your 70,000 daily thoughts so you can experience deep sleep, clear perception & the blissful state of enlightened awakening!


When You Enroll By Thursday, April 15th, I’m Happy To Send You A Free Star Mother-Earth Mama Crown Chakra Medicine Cleanse Program (Valued At $44) As A Thank You Gift!

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