5th Eye Galactivation - To Calm Contagious Stress & Clear 3D Contamination Fear

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Greetings Galactic New Earth Guardians,

I'm excited to invite you to a brand new sacred soul initiation attunement to uplevel your vibration to embody the waves of the ascension dimension.

On this safe, serene & sacred journey, you will have free access to experience what it looks & feels like to receive star medicine from the shining ones, azeztulite angels, crystalline gatekeepers & the ascension stone in the heart of the central sun!

Allow this solar light remedies to nourish, strengthen & resource you to free you of survival flight, fear & freeze to shape shift you into a cosmic crystalline light being.

Come teleport with me to receive divine doctoring, etheric acupuncture & 5D soul psychology to calm your mind, warm your soul & awaken to the highest frequencies of nameless light on planet Azez.

In this safe womb-like space, you will be infused with gentle yet powerful ascension information & star medication to calm your limbic brain, heal your gut & soothe your emotional nervous system.

Receive your platinum safety net to update your psychic gifts, expand your intuition & galactivate your 5D galactic telepathy!

In this transitional timeline of accelerated uncertainty & 3D mystery, it is more important than ever before to trust your higher self’s gifts, guidance & navigation abilities to adjust to & feel safe as we co-create & re-birth a friendlier, kinder & conscious new earth.

This Azeztulite Activation is a soul invitation to entrain to the energy of stillness, presence & crystal clear clarity so you can transverse the universe & retrieve your galactic gifts, soul sovereignty & divine omnipresence as a 5D multi-dimensional wise old soul.

This is a sacred invitation & golden opportunity to:

 Clear undigested stress & toxic heaviness

  • Discharge fear, fight, flight & freeze survival programs
  • Release body density, worries & memories held in your psycho-physiology
  • Unlock stuck energy & mental anxiety that keep you locked up & shut down
  • Master the art of self-regulation to calm & comfort your vulnerable inner child
  • Feel safe, supported & resourced to transmute the anxiety of uncertainty to self-mastery

While healing at home, you have the time to journey with me to the realms of Shambhala & the crystal heart of the Satya (Truth) Loka (The World) Monastery to embody & experience the highest plane of bliss, peace & cosmic consciousness.

Learn the magical mantra to invoke & call in your angelic allies, avatars & carriers of the rare & precious & blessed azeztulite ascension stone.

Receive nameless light solar elixirs to super activate your ascension frequency to:

  • Boost your weakened, compromised or sluggish immunity
  • Digest & process unresolved stress in your lung-gut-vegas-nerve pathways
  • Gently release trapped trauma & fluid buildup of swallowed & suppressed stress
  • Update your breathing capacity to hold 100% light & pranic energy in your respiratory system
  • Reclaim lost energy, vitality & flow for enhanced adaptability, flexibility & resiliency

Discover your soul truth in the ancient book of Leou from Ancient Egypt, Atlantis & Star Sirius just waiting for you to re-call & remember!

Come play in the stars & learn how to connect, communicate & activate & awaken your Masterful, Magical & Playful Azeztulite Luminous Bright Light!


Class Replay - Video Mp4 and Audio Mp3 - 130 min