Accelerated Dream Body Transformation Integration

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In this 6 week dream body transformation webinar, you will learn the spiritual secrets of weight loss, the art of shape shifting & divine dream envisioning to unlock body shame, fire your inner critic & love yourself free of all trauma, density & intensity from the inside out!
When your soul is ready to drop heavy masks, heart walls & dense armor, you will be taken step by step on an inner transformational & mult-dimensional journey to finally experience the ease, space & grace of your own body temple.
Learn accelerated transformational tools, techniques & processes to transmute density into luminosity, lethargy into vitality & heaviness into 100% pure light!
Become your own bodies resource center, creative fuel & spirit guide to care-take, mentor & nurture your body just as you are.
Re-claim your energy, radiant health & vitality each week as you lean in, listen & watch each weeks video class containing:
-Dream Body Transmissions
-Accelerated Light Healing Activations
-Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval
-Inner Child Trauma Healing
-Forgiveness Rituals
-Ancestral Karmic Cleanse
-Physical, Psychological & Emotional Healing
-Chakra Clearings For Body Shame
-Divine Healing To Raise Your Self-Esteem
-Auto-Correct Re-Sets To Re-pattern False Beliefs
-Core Fear & Root Trauma Release
-Divine Density Cellular Cleanse
And many more transformational processes to thought correct & self-protect your christed bodies, field & nervous systems to ascend into a divine human  body!
When you sign up now, you will receive 12 hours of mind, body & soul healing to easily & effortlessly shed your old skin, drop extra weight & love yourself free!
You will also receive energy processes, self-healing treatments & step by step easy to follow protocols on how to consciously co-create your dream body now!
P.S.- I was able to drop 45 pounds of excess energy & extra weight in less than 1 year following this program & I trust you can too! In fact, I want you to feel beautiful from the inside out so much that I'm offering 3 email support sessions when you choose body joy, body bliss & body pleasure so be sure to sign up now so I can help & guide you every step of the way when you come out to play!
Stop Stressing & Start Loving Your Upgraded & Updated Divine Light Body Now!
12 hours MP4 / 11 PDF Documents