Accelerated Light Body Ascension Preparation Activation

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Greetings Divine New Earth Creatrix,

In this sacred soul gathering, Vandana will be bringing in the energies of higher dimensional benevolent beings who over-light our ascension process so that all sentient beings may adjust to the new earth shifts with ease & grace.

Today’s divine feminine wisdom teachings are dedicated to supporting those that identify as sensitive starseeds, empaths & compassionate caregivers who often give too much, leaking energy & often feel drained, run down & overwhelmed.

Join the Reiki Recovery Room to rest, digest & integrate the current cosmic upgrades to discover your hidden gifts & learn how you can create a self-care practice to stay focused, grounded, resilient & self-reliant to reclaim your energy, recharge your battery & trust your divine human intuition.

This program introduces & attunes you to divine doctors, grief guardians, galactic surgeons & etheric light physicians who specialize in retrieving lost soul energy & recalibrating your emotional nervous system to help you recover from soul trauma, practice daily spiritual discernment & care for your divine human body as your first & foremost top healing priority.

Lie back, relax, listen & receive the exact dose & flavor of divine light energy medicine to make you feel better!

With Loving Kindness & Warm Compassion,
Vandana Atara Aura