Goddess Peseshet Attunement - For Self-Healing Mastery

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I'm honored to invite you to the most relevant modern day feminine medicine accelerated light divine doctoring program!

In this divine feminine medicine program, I Invite You To Experience An Empowering & Inspiring Golden Healing Opportunity To Be Attuned & Anointed To A Whole New Level Of Goddess Healing Mastery By The 3 Original Female Physicians In The Temples Of New Earth Divine Creatrix Womb Healing.

Each Master Healer Goddess, Doula, Priestess & Magician Carry Ancient Egyptian Kermetic Healing Medicine To Heal The Root Of Ancestral Spiritual Illness, Soul Sickness & Divine & Disempowered Womb Shadow Shame.

I've Channeled This Much Needed Practical Yet Magical Energy Medicine To Serve & Support You So You Can Feel Safe & Confident To Become Your Own Inner Physician, Healer & Doula To Trust You Ancient Body Wisdom By Simply Becoming Still, Listening & Honoring Your Psychic Perceptions & Spot On Intuition You Carry From Past Lives When You Studied In Mystery Schools On Star Sirius, In Atlantis & In The House Of Life Lapis Lazuli Egyptian Resurrection Temple.

The First Female Egyptian Priestesses, Healers, Magicians & Physicians are excited to teach, mentor & remind you how to heal yourself, prevent future illness & return to your natural state of balance to raise your vibration, embody clear vision & always trust your innate intuition.

In This Feminine Empowerment Program, You Will Meet & Merge With The Original Female Doctors, Doulas, Surgeons, Healers, Goddesses & Temple Workers To Gain The Courage & Confidence To See, Hear, Feel, Sense & Trust Your Goddess Given Natural Abilities To Connect With Your Star Families Yantras, Mantras, Chants, Colors, Symbols & Powers.

I Invite You To Take 3 Soul Soothing, Heart Expanding & Womb Healing Journeys To Help You:

  • Activate your magically alchemical shape shifting abilities to receive ongoing blessings & miraculous synchronicities as your new normal frequency
  • Reclaim your cosmic creatrix energy, holy heart purity & youthful eternal beauty
  • Honor your multi-dimensional empathic souls sensitivities to always trust & embody crystal clear clarity in all galaxies & realities

If You Are Always Healing, Giving & Caring For Others, This Program Will Help You: 

  • Take Better Care Of Your Inner Child, Become More Playful & Feel More Peaceful
  • Prevent Eventual Burn-Out As A Caretaker, Caregiver & Enabler
  • Create A Morning Ritual To Awaken Your Galactic Gifts, Creativity & 5D Telepathy
  • Feel Lighter, Brighter & Freer To Worship, Nurture & Care For Your Own Healthy Body
  • Become Your Own Wise Woman Alchemical Healer, Magician & Shape Shifting Transformer
  • Trust Inter-Dimensional Messages You Receive In Day Time, Night Time & In Dream 
  • Create A Daily Meditation Practice Centered In Presence, Stillness, Emptiness & Mindfulness 
  • Heal Patriarchal Wounding & Energy Leaking With The Backing & Blessing From Ancient Egyptian, Sirian & Atlantean Ancestral Goddess Mothers
  • Gain Access To Your Inner Creatrix Pharmacy To Design Self-Healing Prescriptions & Crystal Clear Visions

In This Ancient Egyptian Self-Healing Program, You Will Meet & Merge With The First Female Doctors & Divine Intervention Healing Team To Soften, Soothe & Sweeten Empathically Absorbed Toxins & Poisons Into Life Saving, Energizing & Revitalizing Fierce & Fearless New Earth Medicine.

If You Deeply Resonate With Goddess Isis & Ancient Egyptian History From Your Akashic Records Shambhalla Earth Star Libraries.

This Is A Rare Opportunity To Heal Lifetimes In The Giza Pyramids To Graduate From Earth School & Work Again With Temple Medicine In Daily Priestess Ceremonial Rituals To Re-Birth, Resurrect & Empower You!

This Download Includes:

Class #3

Attuned To The Divine Feminine  Ancient Egyptian Miraculous Medicine Of Merit-Ptah & Pesehet In This Divine Doctoring Spiritual Surgery Energy Session Here:

You Will Meet, Merge & Receive Mantras, Yantras, Mandalas, Amulets & Talismans from the first female royal chief physicians, scientists, herbalists, kings Mothers & lady overseers in the field of Kermetic Life Saving Energy Medicine,

In This 2 1/2 Hour Divine Detoxification Purification Intervention Session, You Will Meet & Merge With Queen Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Cleopatra who were considered to be the first female pharaohs & skilled physicians who were powerful rulers in ancient Egyptian old kingdoms & were trained to heal all forms of physical illness & soul sickness with magic spells, rites & incantations to banish burdens, sorrows & dis-eases using supernatural forces recorded & documented all the way back to the Hebrew Bible. 

Here you can experience divine feminine soul retrieval surgery from the first female midwives, birthers & doulas with no need for toxic chemicals or anesthesia & who even made house calls in cases of life threatening emergencies.

Live Class Replay - 164 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 7 Printable Documents