Child-Adult Integration - Reintegrate Your Inner Child MP3

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Do you notice that when we face a challenging situation or conflict we tend to contract our energetic body instead of expanding it out? Have you observed that you regress back to the time when you experienced a similar scenario of hurt, drama and trauma when you first experienced a similar emotion?

Emotion is simply energy in motion so are you willing to let all that energy flow out of you and return it to the ever flowing stream of infinite consciousness of the universe? Are you ready to let go of the trauma and drama from your past? What if you were able to release and clear those childhood memories and consciously return them all to infinite source with total ease? Are you willing to move out all of those stuck energy holding patterns in your body and all pain to leave easily and effortlessly from all lifetimes? Are you ready to heal and integrate your inner child with your infinite being and create a far greater present and future reality? What if this could all occur in the blink of an eye by simply bringing up those buried memories we've hidden from and excavate them to set outseves free?

What if we can forgive ourselves and others and know that it was never out fault and celebrate the rightness of us instead of the wrongness? What if you could step off the cycle of self sabotaging beliefs and behavior and choose a different way of functioning in the world?

Can you imagine living your life with you barriers, judgements or limitations trusting that the Universe always has your back?

RICH clearings and body processes release, clear, integrate and harmonize the entirety of our energy fields so we don't have to function from old programs including survival mode, lack, defending for or against someone or something, victim hood or acting our unconsciously to lock in the original trauma over and over again.

Is now the time to cancel, clear and RICH all implants and lies that might have served us when we were children but are no longer serving us now?

In this healing experience, you will be merging, blending and re-integrating all of your gifts and sense of joy we can in with as children before the original trauma so we can function once again from a place of joyful presence.

Allow RICH to unlock you you from being a Prisoner of your past and return the Golden Keys of Awareness and Happiness back in to your life as is your natural birthright.