Clearing Negative Energies From Our Bodies, Auric Field and Environment MP3

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Energetic Vampires Watch Out & Step Aside!!!

In this powerful healing activation & divine liquid light transmission, you'll be cleansed & cleared of any negative energies that slow you down & make you feel heavy, dense, & depleted so you can override & transcend the earths density into a higher vibrational resonance as a clear & perfect channel of living light.

You'll also receive an ascended light infusion to mend & heal holes and openings in your aura which make you feel threatened, mistrustful, uneasy, nervous, fearful, and physically drained and fatigued. 
These higher dimensional frequencies can help you release resistance & fear of letting go of toxic people, relationships, & living situations you find yourself in so you can choose to reset & redesign your entire reality from the state of ease, grace, & joy!
This 115 minute Accelerated Light Healing Experience will be facilitated by Vandana Atara Aura, the Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing.