Clearing Root Chakra Survival Contracts & Vows Of Not Enough with Goddess Gaia & Archangel Ariel

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Greetings Grounded Goddess,

Join me to push your roots into a safe & supportive earth to release buried root contracts that disconnect you from the intuitive wisdom of your temple body.

On this root chakra healing journey, you’ll experience the sacred opportunity to allow Goddess Gaia who governs your root chakra & Archangel Ariel to turn over disempowering contracts passed onto you by your maternal ancestors to feel safe in the arms of rivers, stones & trees & feel safe, seen, soothed & supported by Mother Nature.

If you’ve been suffering from overthinking, overwhelm or it feels almost impossible to manifest anything, come play with me in non-ordinary reality to open, unlock & free your muladhara first chakra of fear, fight & flight root chakra contracts that keep you stuck in survival mode and disconnected from new earth abundance, prosperity & freedom of movement.

When you say yes, you will be able to regulate your frazzled & peaked nervous system & release the “happy hormone” of oxytocin so you can rest, digest & embody the energy of stability, security, strength & boost your immunity no longer attached or corded to false identifies that made you feel not enough or powerless to create the life of your dreams.

I will introduce you to the Munay-Ki Divine Feminine Medicine Women to unravel karmic knots from your root chakra, fill you up with Red Radiant Reiki Ki & burn away lifetimes of vows passed on to you in utero so you & your descendants are protected in a safety net of limitless abundance.

You’ll also receive extra help to cleanse & clear your trillions of cells from the spell of shadow shame & hidden attachments in your muscle memory, mitochondria, chakras, organs & meridians for a deep & thorough letting go detox process.

I look forward to helping you create conscious vows, oaths, promises & agreements that allow you to experience wild, passionate & powerful guilt-free pleasure to be re-born in the heart & womb of divine creation.


Live Class Replay - Mp4 Video And Mp3 Audio - 129 min - 12 Documents