Clearing Vows Of Poverty, Celibacy & Self-Sabotage 4 MP3 Bundle Set

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Break free of soul vows, sacred contracts & karmic agreements you've outgrown & moved past that no longer serve your highest good.
Heal your mind, body, spirit & soul from non-beneficial vows that shut you down,  keep you stuck & silence your beautiful voice.
Lean in, lie down, listen & receive empowerment cleanups and  emotional clearings to re-set your reality & re-write your divine destiny.
Once ancient vows are identified & released, you have the space to create your life in the quantum field of ease & grace!
Each healing recording guides you through a sacred healing process & vibrational activation to claim your joy, trust your heart & embody 5D abundance mastery.
Vows of poverty, celibacy & scarcity live on in your emotional centers, chakras & DNA strands.
As a divine human, you have the right to heal in all lifetimes, timelines & dimensions.
In this chakra clearing bundle, you'll receive 4 powerful attunements to heal & harmonize:
 - Vows & Oaths Of Poverty, Lack, & Scarcity (Root Chakra)
 - Vows of Chastity & Sexual Abstinance (Sacral Chakra)
 - Vows Of Self-Sacrifice & Self-Sabotage (Solar Plexus)
 - Vows Of Celibacy/Separation (Heart Chakra)
Benefits of Chakra Vow Clearings Are:
- Increased Life Force Energy
- Greater Health, Wealth & Vitality
- Higher Vibrational Frequency & Positivity
- Enhanced Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
- Faster Manifestation Of Life Long Dreams & Desires
- Expansive Money Flows, Success & Soul Connections
- Profound Peace, Passion & Living Your Life Purpose
4 MP3 Bundle Set
Play Time - 4 x 80 minutes