Cosmic Soul Retrieval To Heal Soul Loss, Scarcity & Survival Wounds MP3

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Would you like to feel whole & complete so you can live on your highest soul ascension timeline with, be of service & thrive on the 5D new earth?

To make it easier to integrate your multidimensional selves, your inner shaman already knows where your star gifts reside & can easily retrieve them so you can discover & recover who you are & why you're here!

Experience an inter-dimensional soul retrieval healing process to restore precious power pieces you gave away or were taken creating soul loss & dis-empowerment that make you feel unsafe, unsettled & stuck in survival mode.

You may meet your power animal, nature allies & devas of healing on your journey to your soul home to take back your life force energy & create a magical life with ease & grace.

Your higher self, I Am Presence & Soul extensions will merge with your magical child so you can play on earth & in the stars as a cosmic creator of your own soul destiny!

54 minutes