Cosmic Womb Rebirth I - For Self Esteem & Self Love

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I Am Deeply Honored & Tenderly Touched To Invite You To A Channeled Frequency Transmission From The Mother Of All Mothers On Earth & In The Stars!

Work With Myra Lyra From The Planet Lyra Who Is A Divine Doula To Bathe & Bless Your In Utero Experience & Heal You & Your Birth Mom Maternal Lineage & All The Mothers You Ever Had In All Timelines, Lifetimes, Galaxies & Realities.

Experience Miraculous Healing, Karmic Clearing & Chakra Bathing to purify & detoxify past life & in utero miasms, imprints & toxins you've absorbed & stored in your mind, heart, gut & nervous system.

This is a Sacred Opportunity to unplug from toxic cords, soul entanglements & empathed energies between you & your biological birth Mom even if you never knew her.

Feel the quantum shift uplift you & upgrade you to the frequency of divine mother and 100% PURE LOVE!

Teleport to the AMMA temple of Maternal Love to cleanse female dis-empowerment wounds & re-claim your divine feminine powers, presence & potency.

Embody Your Inner Goddess & High Priestess Potency, Creativity & Sensuality.

Join Vandana to cosmically connect to your life purpose, soul essence & sense of belonging to bless & heal: 

- The orphan archetype
- The self-saboteur shadow
- Yearning for home
- Motherless child wounding
- Childhood loss, accidents, injuries
- Ancestral abandonment
- Feeling invisible & unseen
- Low self-esteem & body image
- Birth & Pre-Birth Trauma


Purify hereditary toxins & inherited imprints from the holy womb of Cosmic Mother, Your Biological Mother & Your Own Sacred Centers To: 

- Cleanse & clear family karma from ancient ancestral trauma
- Re-claim your childhood innocence, creativity & sensuality
- Retrieve your pre-birth soul energy in utero
- Clear heart walls, betrayal & abandonment
- Release negative energies & entities in your womb chakra
- Receive emotional healing from the scar of separation
- Heal sexual trauma for you & your maternal lineage
- Re-create a cosmic conception & Re-birth process
- Connect to the powers of divine mothers creative energy
- Purify & strengthen your womb chakra & personal boundaries
- Heal Your Connection To Your Birth Mother
- Re-Connect With Divine Mother To Nurture, Care For & Restore Your Lost 
- Innocence To Trust Your Gifts, Your Body & Your Divine Siddhi Super Powers!


Class Replay - 101 Minutes - MP4 Video