Cosmic Womb Rebirth II - For Cords, Contracts & Mother-Child Co-Dependency

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Experience A Divine Intervention & Sacred Visitation From The Mother Of All Mothers On Earth, In The Stars & From Your Home Planet!

Witness What It Looks & Feels Like To Be Over-Lit By Divine Doulas & Spiritual Midwives To Bathe & Bless You From Womb Imprints, Pollutants & Miasms From All The Moms You Ever Had In Your Ancestral Bloodline & Maternal Lineage.

Open, Empower & Strengthen Your Own Cosmic Womb To Receive Miraculous Healing, Karmic Clearing & Chakra Bathing To Purify & Detoxify In Utero Distress, Struggle & Toxic Trauma You've Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems.

Soul Travel To The Healing Hospitals & Birthing Centers In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhalla & Be Re-Delivered & Re-Born Again In This Lifetime!

Disentangle & Dissolve Toxic & Tiresome Entanglements, Cords, Contracts & Co-Dependency That Drain & Deplete You From Your Birth Mothers, Adopted Mothers, Grandmothers & All The Females You've Ever Known In All Timelines, Lifetimes & Dimensions.

Gift Yourself Permission To FEEL your Feelings & Return To The Cosmic Womb Of Divine Mother Who Will Never Leave You, Let You Down Or Forsake You.

When You & Your Inner Child Say YES, You Will Be Gently Guided, Escorted & Teleported Through Your Hearts Merkaba to the AMRITA temple of Purity, Sanctity & Sovereignty To Strengthen, Awaken & Activate Your Divine Feminine Powers, Pure Potential & Shakti Potency!


Allow your mighty, majestic & magical child to come alive & align with your true life purpose, spiritual identity & sense of belonging to heal:

- The orphan archetype
- The self-saboteur shadow
- Lifetimes of yearning for home
- Feeling like a Motherless Child
- Toxic cords & energy leaks
- Ancestral Maternal Disempowerment
- Feeling invisible & unseen & invalidated
- Low self-esteem, unworthiness & shame
- Patterns Of Co-Dependency & Addiction To Love
- Self Abuse, Self-Criticism & Self-Loathing

Soul Travel un-inherit & dis-own inherited imprints inside the holy womb & birthing portal of Cosmic Mother, Your Biological Mother & Your Own Holy Womb Chakra To: 

- Cleanse & clear birth & pre-birth trauma from your family soul
- Re-claim your childhood innocence, creativity & sacred sexuality
- Retrieve your pre-birth soul energy from your christed conception
- Clear heart walls & energetic armor that shield you from loving yourself
- Release negative energies & false identities  in your womb chakra
- Receive emotional healing from the scar of separation
- Heal sexual trauma & abuse for you & your maternal lineage
- Re-create a cosmic conception & Re-birth process
- Connect to the powers of divine mothers creative energy
- Purify & fortify your sacred womb, auric field & personal boundaries
- Bond With & Forgive Your Natural Birth Mother Of Karmic Misunderstandings
- Receive Healthy & Wholesome Nurturing & Mothering From Divine Mother
- Retrieve Your  Special Gifts, Advanced Telepathy & Siddhi Super Powers!


Class Replay - 105 Minutes - MP4 Video