Cosmic Womb Rebirth III - For Separation, Isolation & Emotional Deprivation

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Experience A Divine Intervention & Sacred Visitation From The Cosmic Mother Of All Mothers On Earth, From The Stars & On Your Home Planet!

Be Rocked, Soothed & Held In Your Cosmic Cradle Of Pure Love, Affection & Attention In The Womb & Cocoon Of Sacred Re-Birth To Raise Your Vibration From A Higher Dimension Where Density, Dis-Ease & Depression Do Not Exist!

If Depression, Narcissism Or Emotionally Immature Parenting Runs In Your Family, You Can Change Your Internal Environment To Purify & Detoxify Womb Distress, Parental Anxiety & Your Mothers Miasms (Hereditary Toxins) You've Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems.

Here, You Can Truly Let Go & Lean In To The Goodness Of Goddess Guardianship In A Safe & Sacred Container Filled With Honey Light,  Feminine Flow & Christed Compassion To Re-Parent, Re-Pattern, Re-Bond & Re-Birth Your Highest, Happiest & Holiest Self Free Of Generational, Gestational & Genetically Inherited Depression.

Soul Travel To The Inner Planes & Quantum Realms Of The AMMA Ashram To Resolve, Rest & Digest Unresolved, Unprocessed & Undigested In Utero Stress, Struggle & Trauma With Ease & Grace!

Witness The Vibration & Sensation Of Being Over-Lit By Divine Doulas & Pleidaian Midwives To Wash Away Womb Imprints, Purify Pollutants & Melt Miasms From All The Moms You Ever Had In Your Ancestral Bloodline & Maternal Lineage.

This Is Your Golden Opportunity To Mend & Repair Invasive Imprints Of Isolation, Separation & Depression That Permeated Your Psyche, Psychology & Biology While Still In The Womb.

This Sacred Journey Will Help You To Open, Empower & Strengthen Your Own Cosmic Womb To Vibrate Higher & Align With Miraculous Blessings, Karmic Clearings & Joyful Beginnings As Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide, Guardian & Caretaker.

Come Soul Travel To The Healing Hospitals, Warm Womb Room & Re-Birthing Centers In The Stars & Experience A Christed Conception & Resurrection In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhalla Magic, Medicine & Miracles!

As A Divine Human, You Deserve To Be Re-Delivered, Re-Born & Fully Embody Your Own Energy, Spiritual Identity & Soul-Full Authenticity To Reflect Your Divine True Nature.

When You Say YES, Your Divine Healing Intervention Team Will Help You Disentangle & Dissolve Toxic Entanglements, Karmic Cords, PTSD & Co-Dependency That Drain, Deplete & Leak Your Vital Life Force Energy.

Your Strong, Empowered & Healed Birth Mothers, Adopted Mothers, Grandmothers & Female Relations Can Heal Lifetimes & Timelines Of Birth Trauma Isolation, Scars Of Separation & Genetically Passed On Depression You Absorbed & Stored In Your Own Dantien, Hara & Womb Chakra.

Gift Your Little One Permission To Recover Your Lost Innocence, Powerful Presence & Shakti Potency In The Womb Of Sweet, Selfless & Sacred Love.

Because You're Alive In A Body, You Have Already Gained The Right To Be Free Of Ancestral Density, Depression & Isolation From Your Soul Records & Your Family Tree.


Allow your magical, alchemical & multi-dimensional child to recover your own story, unique identity, sense of belonging & playful true nature to heal:

- The orphan archetype
- Pre-mature isolation & separation
- Lifetimes of yearning for home
- Feeling like a Motherless Child
- Vows Of Depression & Emotional Deprivation
- Ancestral Maternal Disempowerment
- Feeling invisible & invalidated in being yourself
- Low self-esteem, distorted body image & not enough programming
- Frozen Miasms, Addictions & Inherited Post Partum Depression
- Suppressed Sadness From In Utero & Birth Trauma


In This Safe & Sacred Womb Space, You Can Dis-inherit & Dis-own Disempowerment Energies To Uplevel Your Vibrational Frequency.

Your Divine Re-Birthing Team Can Help You To:

- Re-write your soul role for your child self & adult soul selves
- Re-claim your childhood innocence, creativity & sacred sexuality
- Retrieve your pre-birth soul energy from your christed conception
- Dissolve heart walls, false masks, shame shadows & body armor
- Release negative energies & false identity imprints- Bond With & Forgive Your Natural Birth Mother Of Karmic Misunderstandings
- Re-Bond With A Healthy, Whole & Wholesome Nurturing Mother
- Retrieve Your Special Gifts, Advanced Telepathy & Siddhi Super Powers!


Class Replay - 99 Minutes - MP4 Video