Cosmic Womb Rebirth V - For Mother Shame, Labor Pain & Birth Trauma

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You're Invited To Experience A Brand New Holy Womb Awakening &  Mystical Rose Initiation From Mary Magdalene & Priestess Isis.

Now Is The Time To Re-Birth The Mother Within You, The Mother Who Bore You & The Creatrix Within You To Re-Birth Your Siddhi Powers, Sacred Sexuality & Soul Sovereignty In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities.

As A Christed Child, You Deserve To Be Held, Cared For & Adored In A Cosmic Cradle Of Holy Love In The Womb & Cocoon Of Sacred Healing Intervention To Shift & Uplift Your Vibration To A Higher Dimension Where Maternal Miasms (Inherited Trauma), Mistrust & Mis-Understandings Do Not Exist.

If Your Birth Mothers Struggled, It Doesn't Mean You Have To!

Step into the 7 Gates Of The Womb Of Creation For A Re-Birth Initiation From Mary Magdalene & Goddess Isis To Purify & Detoxify Your Divine Womb!

Experience A Cosmic Re-Birth With Divine Doulas, Galactic Midwives & The MA-RAY Collective To Heal Sexual Shame, Labor Pain & Human Birth Trauma.

Swim, Float & Soak In Oceans Of Bliss, Currents Of Love & Seas Of Serenity To Baptize Your Holy Water Bodies & Unlocks The 7 Gates Of Holy Womb Divinity, Magical Alchemy & Priestess Potency!

By Changing Your Thoughts, Re-Wiring Your Neuro-circuitry & Soothing Your Nervous Systems, You Can Heal Your Wombs Internal Pharmacy To Release & Resolve Womb Distress & Birth Anxiety You've Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems.

In This Safe, Sacred & Sovereign Space, You Can Truly Let Go & Lean In To The Feminine Frequency Of Archeias, Goddesses & High Priestesses To Imbue You With Sweet Nectar, Drops Of Amrita & Feminine Flow To Re-Parent, Re-Pattern, Re-Bond & Re-Birth You & Clear You Of Generational, Gestational & Genetically Inherited Trauma Timelines & Lifetimes.

In This Immaculate Conception, You & Your Ancestral Mothers Will Be Re-Birthed In The Heart & Womb Of The Amrita Asharam And Womb Wisdom Temple To Rest & Digest Unresolved & Undigested In Utero Distress, Mother Shame & Sexual Pain For Your Entire Maternal Lineage In The Womb Of Cosmic Creation.

As A Divine Human, You Have Earned The Right To Soul Shift & Uplift Into The Vibration & Sensation Of 100% Bliss, Love & Grace!

When You Align With The Divine, Ancient Feminine Wounds Can Be Transmuted, Transfigured & Transcended Into The Vastness & Void Of Holy Health, Healing & Well-Being.

Soul Travel In The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Room To Rest In The Arms Of The Mother Of Your Own Body Temple.

This Is A Sacred Invitation To Experience The Vibrations & Sensations In Arcturian Healing Hospitals & Re-Birthing Centers In The Great White Lodge Of Multidimensional Magic, Medicine & Miracles!

If You're Ready To Become An Ancestral Shifter, Awakener & Liberator, You Can Be The First In Your Female Bloodline To Bypass Burdens Into Blessings Of Self-Love, Self-Acceptance & Self-Forgiveness!

Gift Your Little One Soul Permission To Recover Your Lost Innocence, Safe Boundaries & Healthy Sexuality In The Womb Of Priestess Isis & The MA-RAY Magdalene Collective.

Because You're Alive, Breathing & Live In A Body, You Have Already Gained The Right To Be Free Of Womb Shame & Birth Trauma Stored In Your Holy Womb Chamber & First 8 Original Primoridal Cells Of Conception.

This Soulful & Joyful Trance-Mission Purifies & Detoxifies In Utero Distress You Absorbed & Stored In Your Mind, Heart, Gut & Nervous Systems That Doesn't Serve You In Your Own Ascension & Evolution Process.

Gift Yourself Permission To FEEL your Feelings & Return HOME To The Cosmic Womb Of MA-RAY Who Will Never Leave You, Let You Down Or Forsake You.

When You & Your Inner Child Say YES, You Will Be Gently Guided, Escorted & Teleported Her Crown Of 12 Stars To Illuminate & Activate Your Feminine Powers, Sacred Sensuality, Soulful Creativity & Shakti Potency!


Allow your magical, alchemical & multi-dimensional child to recover your own story, unique identity, sense of belonging & playful true nature to heal:

- The orphan archetype
- Lifetimes of yearning for home
- Feeling like a Motherless Child
- Vows Of Loneliness, Helplessness & Hopelessness
- Ancestral Maternal Dis-empowerment
- Feeling alienated, invisible & invalidated in being yourself
- Low self-esteem, needless suffering & self-sabotage
- Human birth & pre-birth stress, struggle & trauma


Experience What It Looks & Feels Like To Float & Soak In The MA-RAY Womb Space To Dis-inherit & Dis-own Poisons, Pollutants & Parasites Of Ancestral Toxicity In Your Blood, Bones & Divine DNA Frequency!

Your Divine Doulas, Timeline Transformers & Cosmic Re-Birthers Can Help You To:

- Re-write false childhood identifies & embody your true spiritual identity
- Re-claim your childhood innocence, creativity & sacred sexuality
- Retrieve your pre-birth soul energy from your christed conception
- Dissolve heart walls, false masks, shame shadows & body armor
- Release empathed energies from your hara, dantien & womb chakras
- Cleanse, clear & purify your emotional centers, pain bodies & birthing centers
- Heal sexual trauma & abuse for you & your maternal lineage
- Re-create a cosmic conception & Re-birth process
- Connect to the powers of divine mothers creative energy
- Purify & fortify your sacred womb, auric field & personal boundaries
- Bond With & Forgive Your Natural Birth Mother Of Karmic Misunderstandings
- Re-Bond With A Healthy, Whole & Wholesome Nurturing Mother
- Retrieve Your Special Gifts, Advanced Telepathy & Siddhi Super Powers! 


Class Replay - 103 Minutes - MP4 Video