Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program

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Welcome To A Life Changing Divine Healing & Miraculous Intervention Journey!

Your Divine Doctors, Spirit Surgeons & Medical Assistants Are Assigned To Your Soul Through Each Incarnation & Are Available 24/7.

Dive Into Each Sacred Healing Transmission For An Accelerated Energy Boost, Vibrational Upgrade Or To Repair, Regenerate & Rejuvenate Your Body/Mind/Spirit Temple To Experience Rapid Recovery & Profound Peace.

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Introduces You To Your Angelics, Celestials & Medicals Of Nameless Light That Know You, Love You & Treat You With A Divine Dose Of Elixirs From The Stars, Plant Medicine & Crystalline Light Codes Of Perfect Health, Eternal Youth & Immortality.

Listen & Receive 5 Powerful Classes Containing Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets At Your Own Pace & You May Listen To Each Class As Often As You Like Even In Dream Time.

In Each Class, You Will Receive Galactic Guidance & Ancient Wisdom On How You Can Start To Feel Better & Recover Faster From:
  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • Spiritual Separation From Source
  • Mental Overwhelm
  • Past Life & Ancestral Karma

Class 1
  • Receive Immortality & Resurrection Codes From Your Divine Medical Team
  • Experience A Physical Body Upgrade To Cleanse Your Cells, DNA & Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Unlock Pain Triggers, Stuck Points & Held Trauma In Your Chakras, Nadis & Nervous Systems

Class 2
  • Receive Celestial Healing From Your Star Families 
  • Connect Your Mind With The Divine Higher Mind Of Universal Healing 
  • Absorb Photonic Light Infusions & Gamma Rays From The Galactic Core To Remember Who You Are

Class 3
  • Receive Angelic Healing From Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary & The Angels Of Health & Healing
  • Dissolve Emotional Heart Walls Of Pain & Suffering
  • Resolve Unresolved Stress & Trauma Held In Your Emotional Bodies

Class 4
  • Clear & Heal Family Karma & Soul Trauma From Your Spirit Guides & Akashic Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones
  • Dissolve Negative Energy Cords, Spirit Attachments & Quantum Entanglements 
  • Reprint Your DNA With Youth Frequencies & Restore Your Original Divine Blueprint Of Radiant Health & Well-Being

Class 5
  • Receive 5D Earth Healing From The Heart Of Gaia, The Crystalline Grids & Devas Of Nature Intelligence
  • Feel Abundantly Cared For, Safe & Supported By The Ancients, Elders & Masters Of Shambhala In The Inner Hollow Earth
  • Activate Your Inner Shaman To Merge With The New Earth Harmonics Of Of Sovereignty & Self-Mastery

Each Divine Healing Class Will Take You Deeper To Recover Faster & Easier From 3D Stress & Trauma To Live On Your 5D Soul Ascension Timeline Of Divine Ease & Grace.

You Will Also Receive PDF Instructions On How To Be Free Of Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Pain & Become Your Own Divine Doctor & Spirit Specialist & Heal Yourself, Your Inner Child & Your Ancestral Lineage. 

This Divine Healing Intervention Practitioner Training Program Gives You All The Quantum Tools, Insights & Multi-Dimensional Awarenesses To Trust Your Higher Mind & Higher Heart's Intuitive Guidance System.

"Hello Vandana! I would like to THANK YOU for the classes I took. I feeling a difference  every time I'm connecting with DHIT. I'm feeling confident, grateful. I'm more connected with my Divine soul.It's bring for me a peace and deeper trust and easy life in this reality. And of course huge support! Thank you again for empowering people!" 😍 😇 😀 ~ Elena

Includes a total of 6 MP3s, 5 PDFs & Comes With A Certificate of Completion, over 11 hours.