Multi-Dimensional Mastery Attunement To Enhance Your Clairalience (Sense Of Smell)Senses

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This 3 Hour divination instruction session helps you refine your sense of smell to sniff out the truth & perceive the presence of spirit through your olfactory senses.

This class teaches you the ancient art of mirror scrying to trust your soul reflection
& see beyond the veil of self-delusion.

This practice allows you to gain the courage & confidence to detect the sights, sounds & scents from the roses of Mother Mary, the tobacco of your shamanic elders or the cellular memories of your grandmothers freshly baked cookies.

Train your Clairalience Senses to empower you as a Soul Reader, Oracle & Modern Day Mystic.

Class Replay - MP4 and MP3 - 194 min - Including 13 Printable PDF Documents