Psychic Development 101 Six MP3 Class

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This course is created for you… the brilliant knower, seer and divine creator who actually knows everything before it happens!

Everyone has the gift of intuition!

Are you listening to the signs and the signals?

I’m super excited to explore the 6 psychic senses, what they are and how to identify and develop your strongest clair sense to create a magical life even greater than you ever imagined.

The 6 Clairs are all of our psychic senses and abilities we come into this reality with that most of us either hide from, are scared of or have made the choice to actually step into and expand.

Each one of us has a special gift that we seem to be the most 'Clear'. It’s our unique perception of how we receive information and messages in our bodies awareness. And everyone is different and that’s ok. It could be the way that we just know the outcome of an event 'before' it happens. Sometimes our telepathic abilities are shown to us in prophetic dreams and on other occasions, we might even hear faint whispers of spirit guiding us in the right direction. Many of us just feel others thoughts, feelings or emotions in our physical bodies especially in our 'gut'.

Your amazing superhuman gifts are needed on this planet and have been shown to even save lives.

Are you willing claim, own, honor and acknowledge all of your clairs no matter how they show up without judging or doubting your unexplainable divine guidance?

The list of 'Clair' senses are greater than we’ve been told.

Which 'Clair' feels most like you?

Clairvoyance – means clear seeing
Clairaudience – means clear hearing
Clairsentinece – means clear feeling
Clairalience – means clear smelling
Clairgustance – means clear tasting
Claircognizance – means clear knowing

Come and explore your difference senses to see what your dominant clair is and how you can expand this ability to include the other clairs in your everday awareness.

I’ll be helping you to release doubts, fears, and blocks around trusting and following your intuition by RICHING (clearing) them out of existence so you can RACE (create) move forward in quantum speed to reset your entire reality as if by magic!

Come unlock your special 'Clairs' so you can recognize and acknowledge when you’re tapping into messages from spirit. You’ll experience fun excercises that will help you strengthen your connection to your spirit guides, guardians and angels that are always around you.

At the end of your journey, you can all step into all of your Clair Powers and become the clear and perfect channel to inspire, empower and support your own life as well as your loved ones.

A divine liquid light healing transmission and activation will help you to expand your abilities even grander than you ever dreamed possible.

Class 1 - Trust Your Intuition
Class 2 - Clairvoyance - How To 'See' Beyond The Veil
Class 3 - Clairaudience - How To 'Listen' To Your Higher Self
Class 4 - Clairsentience - How To Trust Your Feelings As Your Guide
Class 5 - Clairalience & Clairgustance - How To Receive Information Through Taste & Smell
Class 6 - Claircognizance - How To Clearly 'Know' What You Already Know

This 6-class workshop is open to everyone regardless of your level of psychic awareness.

Come play and take yourself makes it easier to fly!

Activate Your Intuition!!!