Rainbow Rays Ascension Activation MP3

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Come shift & uplift your vibration on a cosmic journey over the rainbow bridge of pure creation, inspiration & 5D ascension!

Play in the full spectrum of rainbow light with solar angels & rainbow beings in the heart of the rainbow sun to live your life in living color!

On this sacred journey, you receive radiance rays from the 7 Chohans of Rainbow Mastery to clear your path, ease your fears & connect with your inner radiance with ease & grace!

Experience Rainbow Rays Radiance To Help You Embody The 16 Rays of Holy Creation To Activate & Awaken To Infinite Joy, Bliss & Grace To Re-Birth The New Earth.

Learn How You Can Be Of Service, Share Your Gifts & Awaken Your Rainbow Light, Creative Spark & Inner Fire On Your Solar Return To Sacred Love & Pure Awareness.

Arise Into The Rainbow Frequencies Of Ascension, Co-Creation & Illumination!

103 minutes