Solar Plexus Empowerment Detox

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In this sacral-chakra exploration, you'll uncover & discover the false beliefs you’ve been telling yourself so you can clearly hear the voice of your true self that already knows how to live safely & authentically & meet your sacral chakra angel, goddess & totem animal medicine guardians to support you to come out of hiding & cultivate a new practice of self-trust, courage & confidence so you can finally express your hidden intuitive gifts!

Join me to cleanse, clear & purify the muddied waters in your svadhistana second chakra to wash away toxic vows of chastity, celibacy & co-dependency that inform your most intimate relationships so you can trust your feelings, express yourself easily & allow your creativity to flow freely!

When your lower belly energy center is balanced & open, you’re in the flow state, aware of your feelings, emotions & can easily create, attract & manifest sacred & healthy connections with others. 

But when your orange sacral chakra is blocked, you’re more likely to feel depressed, detached & disconnected from your natural state of joy, passion & pleasure & often feel anxious, insecure & restless. 

I invite you to take a juicy journey inside of your lower belly with Archangel Michael, Mother Jaguar your power animal & Dona Mujia the Mermaid Goddess Spirit of Water to release vows, contracts & agreements in the form of emotionally suppressed trauma packets where you carry guilt, shame & internal pain that holds you back & doesn’t allow you to feel anything. 

If you’ve been hiding, denying, fighting or living in fear of losing everything, come play with me in non-ordinary reality to open, unlock & free your svadhistana second chakra of fear, fight & flight spells & contracts to breathe new life into your kidneys, adrenals, gallbladder, sexual organs & reproductive system to let go of the fear of loss of control & re-birth your courageous creatrix self. 

When you say yes, you will be able to regulate your frazzled & peaked nervous system & release the “happy hormone” of oxytocin so you can rest, digest & embody the energy of safety, security, flexibility & to move freely & embody your own sweet abode & reside peacefully in the sanctuary of your emotional body. 

If you’re ready to release pent up stress & toxic waste you’ve been unable to process, I will attune you to the archangels, mermaids & totem animal allies as your new power protectors who can help you unravel karmic knots, cords & contracts with Red Radiant Reiki Energy & reprint every cellular imprint, muscle, organ & wounded emotion in oceans of bliss, space & pleasurable sensations.

You’ll also receive extra help to cleanse & clear trauma filled cellular memories of hidden shadow shame, negative feedback loops, flashbacks, attachments & contracts that keep you re-living the past with the Sword Of St Michael & the Incan Shamanista Dona Mujias Flower Ritual to help you let go of the negative ego & Mother Sister Jaguar the feminine spirit of the amazon jungle to show you how to strengthen your boundaries and help you rest, digest & unburden your belly of fear, paranoia & energies you’ve consumed that belong to others.

I look forward to helping you create conscious vows, oaths, promises & agreements that allow you to experience wild, passionate & guilt-free pleasure to be re-born in the heart & womb of divine feminine creation. 

Come swim, float, soak & dive into mermaid filled oceans of serenity, femininity & sensuality to express your needs, desires, choose pleasure as your #1 priority & turn your fantasies into reality!


Live Class Recording - MP4 Video And MP3 Audio -  4 Documents - 138min