High Priestess Isis Feminine Empowerment Medicine Transmission

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I'm honored to invite you to the most relevant modern day feminine medicine accelerated light doctoring program!

Get The Golden Opportunity To Meet & Merge With 3 Different Divine Female Healer Physicians Who You Can Call Upon To Access 5D Unlimited And Inclusive Mind & Body Compassionate Health Care.

Each Master Healer Goddess, Doula, Priestess, Witch & Boddisathva Carries A Different Flavor Of Holistic Energy Healing Medicine To Heal The Root Of Spiritual Illness, Soul Sickness & Divine Feminine Womb Shame.

I've Channeled This Much Needed Practical Yet Magical Energy Medicine So You Can Become Your Own Inner Doctor, Healer, Doula & Medium To More Deeply Connect With The Wisdom Of Your Own Body Temple By Simply Listening, Becoming Still & Trusting Your Inner Intuition From The Space & Grace Of A Calm, Clear & Divine Mind.

If You Are Always Healing, Giving & Caring For Others, This Program Will Help You:

  • Prevent Eventual Burn-Out As A Caretaker & Caregiver
  • Create A Daily Self-Care Ritual To Re-Fuel Your Natural Energy & Vitality
  • Improve Your Present Health Of Health By Making Better Self-Care Choices 
  • Become Your Own Wise Woman Healer, Doctor & Advocate
  • Trust Your Intuitive Gifts & Self-Healing Abilities As Your Own Body's Spirit Guide 
  • Practice The Art Of Presence, Stillness, Emptiness & Meditative Mindfulness 
  • Heal Patriarchal Co-Dependency & Re-Claiming Your Sovereign State Of Independence
  • Harmonize Your Yin/Yang Giving & Receivingness To Create A Sense Of Wholeness & Balance
  • Galactivate Your Divine Feminine Intuitive Ability With Greater Spiritual Discernment
  • Activate Your Own Inner Pharmacy With Elixirs & Remedies To Trust Your Creative Visions

In This Goddess Mentoring Program, You Will Be Fed & Nourished With Refreshing, Restorative & Rejuvenative Compassionate Feminine Medicine From 3 Moon Priestess Traditions Who Help You Transmute Disempowering Toxic Poisons Into Life Affirming Self-Empowering Healing Medicine.

This Download Includes:

Class #2

In This Nearly 3 Hour Long Divine Doctoring Trance-Mission, You Will Be Attuned To The Cooling, Calming & Clearing Ancient Egyptian Kemetic Priestess Medicine In The Temples Of The The Isis Blue Moon Goddess.

Here You Will Receive Celestial Silver Blue Sirian Star To Release You From Galactic & Earth Based Contracts & Agreements That Caused You To Fight, Fear & Over-React So You Can Relax, Rest & Digest In Your Own Inner Temple Where You Will Learn How To Connect To High Priestess Isis With Her 9 Healing Symbols & Shape Shifting Magical Alchemy.

Live Class Replay - 172 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 9 Printable Documents