Usui Reiki Shoden Certification Program - Level 1

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In this course, you will learn the history, techniques and energy healing practices that encompass the first stage of this powerful healing technique.

You will practice Reiki Self-Healing and healing on others during this training. The course will enable you to channel the Reiki Energy in order to facilitate your own self-healing treatment.

You will also be able to direct healing towards others: family, friends, and pets.

You will receive a series of three Reiki attunements to unblock your subconscious patterns. The attunements enable you to release your limiting beliefs and other subconscious self-sabotaging behaviors.

When you are attuned to this level, you will naturally embody enhanced vitality, creativity & clarity to express your soul purpose.

Reiki Universal Life Force Energy helps to reduce potential toxic side effects from allopathic medical treatments & prescription medications.

Recognized as a complementary energy medicine, it can be sensed & experienced as a natural, gentle, non-invasive therapeutic touch healing modality.

This course is open to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of Reiki Energy Healing.

Experience it's healing benefits and learn how to master the art of spiritual hygiene, self-care & holistic healing therapy.

Level 1 Training Initiation

In This Reiki Shoden (First Teachings) Program, You will Learn:

  • Self-healing treatment positions to heal your mind, body & spirit.
  • How Reiki Energy Works For Yourself & Others
  • The Meaning Of Reiki & It's Sacred Symbols
  • The History of Reiki & It's Founders
  • Gassho Meditation and Japanese Techniques
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • The Three Pillars Of Reiki
  • The 5 Reiki Precepts
  • Byosen Energy Scanning Techniques
  • The Kanji Mudra Hand Positions
  • Self-Healing Treatment Positions
  • How To Connect With Your Reiki Spirit Guide
This Reiki Level 1 Program Includes:

  • 3 Reiki Healing Empowerment Attunements
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 Certificate Of Completion
  • Reiki Healing Touch Manual
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Reiki Level 1 Is Taught In 3 Separate 3 Hour Sessions

All Classes Are Recorded & You Will Receive The Replay Within 24 Hours After We Meet.