Visshudha Throat Chakra Clearing Activation

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Greetings Soul Speaker, Voice Hearer & Truth Teller,

I am truly excited to invite you to this Throat Chakra Clearing Cleanse To Help You Awaken Your Center Of Communication To Speak, Listen & Express Your Feelings In All Of Your Relationships.

If you're ready to unravel your vocal cords, dissolve neck tension & speak up to reveal the voice of your soul identity, then I'm happy to offer you this unique opportunity to open & awaken your center of truth, compassion & communication.

If you were raised by emotionally disempowered parents, chances are you were silenced, censored or suppressed & weren't given permission to say, speak or express your gifts & it's not too late to learn throat clearing processes to channel light language, speak freely & sing prayers of praise to express your authentic voice of loving kindness.

Ancient Yogis believed the Visshudha Chakra means "Especially Pure"& is the space that embodies our truth, integrity & the essence of emptiness.

If you've struggled with feelings of shyness, self-consciousness or from fear of public speaking, this 3-hour throat chakra expansion journey can help you to:

• Clearly Communicate Your Needs Safely, Easily & Effortlessly
• Find Your Hidden Voice That Is Ready To Speak Authentically
• Clear The Fear & Hesitancy From Childhood Vows Of Silence
• Allow Your Ancestors Voices To Express Their Gifts Through You
• Knowing When To Speak & When To Listen To Yourself & Others
• Speaking Words Of Truth, Sincerity & Integrity In Public & Private Spaces
• Untangle Lies, Stories & False Beliefs That Caused You To Swallow Stress
• Feel Free To Say No & Set Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationships
• Express Feelings Of Joy Or Sadness By Creatively Sharing Your Feelings

Learn everything you need to empower you to:

• Heal Throat Chakra Imbalances That Cause You To Suffer In Silence
• Unravel Vocal Tension & Suppression That Keep You Feeling Invisible
• Release Tension In Your Jaw, Neck, Mouth, Teeth & Thyroid
• Find Your Inner Lioness Breath To Roar Your Needs With Confidence
• Chant The Mantras To Speak With Loving Kindness & Self-Forgiveness
• Improve Your Writing, Speaking & Listening Skills To Express Your Gifts
• Speak The Language Of Light In The Dialect Of Your Hearts Healing Pharmacy

Come play as the channel of Heart & Earth Chi With Chakra Doctors, Red Reiki Therapy, Throat Singing Shamans, Etheric Acupuncture Surgery, 5D ENT Doctors & Arcturian Laryngologists who hold the remedies & recipes to free your voice with soothing star medicine from the great white lodge of Shambhala’s Soothing Honey Nectar Medicine.

• Hand Chakras
• Ear Chakras
• Throat Chakras
• Mouth Of God Chakra
• Nostril Chakras

Join Me To feel safe, worthy & confident to express your voice of divine truth, wisdom & compassion by learning how to safely embody, express, & practice how to connect & communicate with your throat chakras:

• Colors
• Crystals
• Sounds
• Chants
• Element
• Affirmation

As A Self-Healing Daily Empowerment Process, I Will Teach You The Vishuddha Throat Chakras Bija Seed Mantras, Mudras & Mandalas So You Can See, Speak, Hear & Perform Acts Of Loving Kindness From Your Sacred Voice Of Clarity, Confidence & Emotional Intelligence.

Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 172 min - 25 Documents