Welcome to the Accelerated Light Healing Vibrational Healing Collection

I'm honored you have chosen to visit my soul spa healing library specifically designed for empaths, starseeds & highly sensitive people like you to support you in this new earth timeline.

Divine Feminine Medicine Sessions, Galactic Doctoring, Etheric Light Surgery, Ancient Egyptian Chakra Balancing, Protection Mantras, Soothing Light Baths & Soul Retrieval Trance Journeys Are Posted Weekly To Vibrationally Shift & Support You Whenever You Need 5D Grounding, Emotional Healing & 5D Red Reiki Energy.

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You & your inner child can watch and listen to each personalized healing session & receive the same benefits as if I was right there with you.

Watch or Listen to each healing session to unlock creative blocks, melt deep rooted core fear & re-write ancestral vows passed on to you that do not serve or support you.

Thank you for being in my life & sharing my healing videos, audios & at home accelerated light practitioner certification programs with your star tribes, earth family & all sentient beings who are still stuck, stressed or suffering needlessly.

I love you!

Stay Safe, Well & Blessed,

Vandana Atara Aura

Here's what people are saying:

"My ears fell instantly in love"

"When I first heard Vandanas Venusian Voice on an audio, I and my ears fell instantly in love with her voice full of love like a sweet divine celestial perfume, it sounds joyful and playful, throughout the transmission or  activation I bathed in the sound, the words come out in a soothing, soft way. It feels as if my soul or some vulnerable part of me is being  hold by this stream of sounds... words... tones....all are perfectly orchestrated. You can relax into it, feel safe and trust, I feel at home and enjoy the transmissions, the sounds of her voice stay for some time  or days afterwards in your body or ears ... delicious."

- Ellen R - Germany

"I just love your recordings"

"Dear Vandana, I just love your recordings you  facilitate & the  wonderful thing for me is that your recordings lull me to sleep !!! I have chronic  insomnia, almost nothing can help, even medication is  tough  with my lack of sleep, so it's great to finally sleep in with a  high  vibrational speech. I can fully listen to them during the day or  let  myself be lulled by them at night. Your hypnotic voice is amazing!"

- Love, Sylvie

Session Cancellation Policy - There is a $75 Cancellation Fee if you can't keep a scheduled appointment & do not contact me within 24 hours prior to your session booking.

Refund Policy - No refunds are possible after 48 hours have passed after a session booking

Store Credit Can Be Applied To Any Other MP3 Of Equal Value In The Library

Vandana Atara Aura