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Buddha Listens

It's easy to receive continuous healing 24/7 when old wounds arise to be loved, healed & recycled to reveal your true self that deserves to be held, seen, heard & appreciated.

When you play in the quantum field of magical alchemy & 5D mastery, anything is possible!!!

The more you listen to each divine download, the more space exists for you to claim your joy from the infinite space of ease & grace!!!

Choose the topic you are struggling with & dedicate 90 minutes to your own self-healing process with me as your soul guide & spiritual re-birther.

Each activity of light transmission will raise your vibration, calm your mind & soothe your soul!

Listen to each transmission recording at your own pace in stages or all at once in a quite & meditative noise free, distraction free, sacred space.

This is your sacred time to release tears, let go & just BE who you already are!

You may program each MP3 to play on a loop for the deepest & most profound emotional clearings in dream time. Set the volume low or just play it without the volume on at all to unlock blocks, connect to source & re-set your entire reality!

Each MP3 or MP4 clears subconscious blocks to ascending into oneness & living on your highest timeline in truth, integrity & authenticity!

As a cosmic creator, you can consciously create the life of your dreams!

IN-JOY playing in the stars that you are made of! Just click the SHOP NOW tab above!

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