Throat Chakra Activation - Finding and Expressing Your Voice

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Explore the wisdom and meaning behind our voice center better known in Sanskrit as the Visshudha Chakra, It is through the spoken word that we express ourselves to others. When the throat center is open, we can openly and honestly express ourselves and speak our truth with ease. When this chakra is out of alignment with the corresponding ones above and below it, we hold back our true feelings which energetically pollutes the throat chakra. This behavior violates both our bodies and spirits. Repressing our anger or displeasure by ignoring or avoiding our truth can lead to suffering in silence needlessly and could manifest into throat imbalances in our physical bodies.

As always, Vandana encourages and supports everyone to speak up and out asking for all of their needs to be met and all of your desires to be manifested in this reality. She holds a safe and sacred space to allow you to become visible again to help you love and honor your journey and experience your highest potential on each chakra activation whether you join us live, skype in, or listen on the webcast.

Vandana will run powerful emotional clearings, creations, and reality resets to help you release any blockages or imbalances that might be holding you back or making you feel stuck and stagnant so you can speak your truth and embody your authentic soul signature in this lifetime.

As always a powerful healing activation will connect you with the infinite intelligence of infinite consciousness so you can receive all the gifts that desire and deserve as a divine creator and infinite being.

Here's to speaking out and claiming all of your powers, gifts, and super abilities that make you the grand and glorious creation you've always been and always will be.

This 111 minute healing experience is facilitated by Vandana.